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Dr. V.I. Haraszthy

Dr. V.I. Haraszthy

Dr. V.I. Haraszthy is active with educational and professional organizations to provide the best in dental treatment. She is a national and international lecturer and educator. To learn how Dr. Haraszthy’s expertise can help you, call and schedule a consultation appointment.


  • R.N.- Registered Nurse, Subotica Institute for Health Care, School of Nursing Subotica, Yugoslavia
  • D.M.D.- Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD), University of Szeged, School of Medicine and Dentistry, Szeged, Hungary
  • Specialist in Dental and Oral Medicine, University of Budapest, School of Medicine and Dentistry, Budapest, Hungary
  • M.S.University at Buffalo, N.Y. Thesis, ”Identification and Analysis of the Gap Region in the 23S ribosomal RNA
  • Certificate in Periodontology. University at Buffalo, N.Y.; Board Qualified, American Board of Periodontology
  • Certificate in Prosthodontics, University at Buffalo, N.Y.; Board Qualified, American Board of Prosthodontics
  • Ph.D. University at Buffalo, N.Y. Thesis, “Genetic Studies of a Periodontal Pathogen
  • D.D.S.- University at Buffalo, N.Y.; New York State Dental License

Awards & Recognitions

Doctorate Senator Honoris Causa, University of Szeged Hungary. The Doctorate Honoris Causa is the highest distinction the University gives a person in recognition of his/her career in the academic, scientific or cultural fields, of his/her values, as well as his/her special link with the University.
NIH Dentist-Scientist Award (DSA) University at Buffalo, NY, Department of Oral Biology.

Professional Organizations

  • American Dental Association
  • American Dental Education Association
  • American Association of Dental Research
  • American Academy of Periodontology
  • American Society for Microbiology
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Collage of Dentistry